On “The Time of My Life”

About six months ago I started picking up Doctor Who Magazine on a regular basis. DWM used to be hard to come by on this side of the Pond, and within a year of the new series starting up the magazine began turning up in more and more bookstores. So, why the long wait? ItContinue reading “On “The Time of My Life””

On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories

So, now I’ve seen it. Doctor Who. “Journey’s End.” Last week I posted some theories. “The Stolen Earth,” the fourth season’s penultimate episode, posed a number of questions, and suggested certain possibilities, and I offered my thoughts on what everything meant, and where “Journey’s End” would likely go. Much to my surprise, Jamie McCrimmon didContinue reading “On “Journey’s End” and My Daft Theories”

On My “Journey’s End” Theories

I’ve been doing some thinking about how “Journey’s End,” the fourth season finale of Doctor Who, will end. Naturally, this post will contain spoilers. And, for future reference, I’m going to write them down. 🙂 I should note, of course, that my track record with Doctor Who theories is not good. I thought the rumorContinue reading “On My “Journey’s End” Theories”