The Dragons of Christmas

Perhaps I’d still be a Christian had there been more dragons. Many elements of the traditional Nativity scene — in particular, any animals whatsoever — aren’t Biblically canonical. They all derive from apocryphal scriptures, essentially early Church fanfic, such as this passage from Pseudo Matthew about the infant Jesus and the dragons during the flightContinue reading “The Dragons of Christmas”

On Dragons Breathing Fire

Every day brings the One Ring closer to Mordor. Every day brings The Lord of the Rings: War in the North closer to me. Here’s the launch trailer: Holy fuck! There’s a dragon! And it’s breathing fire! This is me. Being excited. Breathing fire! To get excited — because the game comes out on TuesdayContinue reading “On Dragons Breathing Fire”

On Nature’s Rorschach Blot

A group of fast-moving storm clouds have moved over Baltimore in the past hour. These clouds are dark. I finished writing an article for work about Halo Wars and glanced out the window. I thought the world was gloomy, but nothing could have prepared me for this. The cloud looked like a dragon. The dragonContinue reading “On Nature’s Rorschach Blot”

On Temeraire

I ordered from Amazon’s UK division recently Naomi Novik‘s debut novel, Temeraire, the first book in an alternate history series that posits that alongside Nelson’s Navy and Wellingon’s Army Britain fought the Napoleonic Wars with a dragon Aerial Corps. I was impatient. I could have waited and bought the novel’s American paperback, entitled His Majesty’sContinue reading “On Temeraire”