The Dalek Invasion of Endor

“You can’t do this, Davros!” the Doctor screamed from captivity. Davros rolled to the Doctor’s cell.  “You are too late. My Spider-Daleks are moving through the jungles. By sunrise, no Ewok will remain alive.” “Ewoks,” the Doctor whispered, stunned. The Black Dalek outside the Doctor’s cell shook its eyestalk. “ALL EWOKS WILL BE EXTERMINATED.” TheContinue reading “The Dalek Invasion of Endor”

On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie

For the first time in a decade, I watched Paul McGann’s single televised outing as the Doctor. The Doctor Who television movie, aired on Fox in 1996, has been unavailable in North America on video or DVD since, well, forever, due largely to the rights issues between the BBC, Vivendi-Universal, and Fox itself, over howContinue reading “On Revisiting Paul McGann’s Doctor Who Movie”

On “The Land of Happy Endings”

So I’ve been reading the Doctor Who graphic novel, The Flood, starring Paul McGann’s Doctor. And I have decided. “The Land of Happy Endings” may be the most perfect Doctor Who story ever. Dr Who and his grandchildren, John and Gillian, have a little adventure on a very sad planet. Sad grey aliens, flying robots,Continue reading “On “The Land of Happy Endings””

On Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer

My friend Todd “Scavenger” Kogutt keeps telling me about the Doctor Who spin-off he’d love to see: Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer, starring Bruce Campbell. The first time he told me this I must confess that I snarfed coffee on my monitor–I just didn’t see it. But after the recent Dalek two-parter Todd brought the ideaContinue reading “On Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer”

On Shada

Road trip. Friday. Me and my dad, on the way to Baltimore. It’s a long trip from Raleigh to Baltimore. Six hours, under the best of conditions. The roads, at least from Raleigh to Richmond — half-way there — are desolate stretches of the American landscape. Boredom inducing. I took two Doctor Who audios forContinue reading “On Shada”

Should the Torch Be Passed?

In a posting on TrekBBS’s Science Fiction forum V’Ger asked (with spelling and punctuation corrected), “[U]nless the [new Doctor Who] series plans to do a flashback with McGann regenerating down the line [into the Christopher Eccleston Doctor] (Perhaps a Doctor team-up?), how should the eighth Doctor bow out, say, in a novel or audio drama?”Continue reading “Should the Torch Be Passed?”

Stones and Glass

I should be worried. I knew the two baseball teams in Gotham City without having to look it up. I even knew which league each team is in. (For those of you wondering, Gotham City hosts the Monarchs, of the National League, and the Knights, of the American League. The Monarchs replaced the Griffins, whoContinue reading “Stones and Glass”