The Death of Christopher Marlowe

Yesterday at work, when writing catalog copy and assembling order forms and organizing name badges for the Retailer Summit, I listened to a several hours’ worth of BBC Radio dramas. Besides the first two episodes of “A Place of Greater Safety,” an adaptation of the novel about the French Revolution by Wolf Hall‘s Hilary Mantel,Continue reading “The Death of Christopher Marlowe”

On Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous

Who wrote the plays of Shakespeare? To most people the answer is obvious — Shakespeare wrote the plays of Shakespeare. A little-hearlded young man went to London, became an actor and the playwright of the age, then returned to Stratford Upon Avon, having conquered all the literary worlds there were to conquer, and took upContinue reading “On Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous”

On a Week-End Round-Up

Another week beginning, another week done to recap. 🙂 Last Sunday, I discovered that former British PM Harold Saxon has declared his candidacy to be President of the United States. My reaction? How does this even work? Not only is Saxon an alien from another planet, but his wife shot and killed him, and hisContinue reading “On a Week-End Round-Up”