On Talking Politics on Facebook

This is going to be a disjointed post, because it comes from something I wrote on Facebook. And obviously I don’t want it to fall down the memory hole that is Facebook. 🙂 First, some background. I linked to this — Steve Benen of MaddowBlog pointed to an appearance of Thomas Mann and Norman OrnsteinContinue reading “On Talking Politics on Facebook”

On Eric Cantor’s Struggles with English

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia gave a speech today to the Values Voter summit. Most have focused on how Cantor refers to the Occupy Wall Street protests as “growing mobs.” I would point to how Cantor badly mangles the English language. Here’s the relevant clip: Here’s the transcription: “If you read the newspapersContinue reading “On Eric Cantor’s Struggles with English”

On the Debt Ceiling Crisis and Its Endgame

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two months or been hiding in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, you are doubtless aware of an impending, though entirely manufactured, fiscal crisis about to hit the United States. Quite simply, on August 2nd the United States will reach its statutory debt limit. InContinue reading “On the Debt Ceiling Crisis and Its Endgame”