Link Round-Up: December 20

A couple of links for you kind readers today. Mostly I spent the day baking cookies and finishing the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Which ends, by the way, with a pretty intense three-part story. And the droid, Chopper, remains a psychopathic asshole. Irish Whiskey Cookies, Perfect for Christmas – Science! A friend postedContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 20”

On a Casualty in FOX News’ War on the War on Christmas

Were it not for Talking Points Memo, I wouldn’t have known that FOX News’ war on the War on Christmas had begun. I guess if Black Friday can creep into Thursday, then the War on Christmas can creep into mid-November. And what did I learn? Atheists are attacking A Charlie Brown Christmas in an elementaryContinue reading “On a Casualty in FOX News’ War on the War on Christmas”

On Sarah Palin and the Failure of the Media

We begin with this, noted by my friend Keith — Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin could not have passed a fifth grade civics test. Her handlers in the McCain campaign knew how unsuited and unqualified she was for the position for which she was running. They leaked to reporters — background, off-the-record, not-for-attribution —Continue reading “On Sarah Palin and the Failure of the Media”