Joe Buck, a Jeremiad

Last night, I reached my limit with Joe Buck. I’ve never really minded Buck. As broadcasters go, he’s wallpaper to me. I think I even felt a little sympathy toward him because he so often had to share a booth with Tim McCarver and then Harold Reynolds, either of whom was prone to incoherent babble.Continue reading “Joe Buck, a Jeremiad”

On Fixing Baseball’s All-Star Game

Last night, like roughly 10 million Americans, I watched baseball’s All-Star Game. The game was over about fifteen minutes after it started; the National League jumped out to a 5-0 lead at the end of the first and the American League never seriously threatened. Still, I gutted it out and watched FOX’s coverage until theContinue reading “On Fixing Baseball’s All-Star Game”

On Why I Hate Fox Sports

Earth to Fox Sports: Does anyone really want to spend their afternoons watching a Yankees/Red Sox game? Especially when neither team is in first place in their division? Especially when one of those teams is pretty fucking woeful? I’d much rather watch the Cubs/Cardinals game. Not just because it’s the Cubs, but because there areContinue reading “On Why I Hate Fox Sports”