On a Grand Designs Review

The UK website Sci-Fi Online reviewed the newest Star Trek: Corps of Engineers compilation Grand Designs, of which my own Ring Around the Sky is a part. From their review: It’s obvious from his detailed descriptions that Gibson gets a real kick out of technology as he indulges himself and the reader in descriptions ofContinue reading “On a Grand Designs Review”

On Yesterday’s Autographing

Yesterday I was in Exton, Pennsylvania autographing Grand Designs and Constellations. It was the first autographing I’d done outside of Shore Leave, so I was quite excited. I wasn’t expecting any sort of major turnout. Yes, I’d announced it here and on message boards, but that’s not going to translate into people. At worst, I’dContinue reading “On Yesterday’s Autographing”

On a Reminder about Saturday’s Autographing

Just a reminder! As I mentioned early last week, on this Saturday, July 7th, I’ll be autographing Grand Designs (the new Star Trek: Corps of Engineers compilation) and Constellations (last fall’s Star Trek anthology) at the Borders Express in Exton Square Mall in Exton, Pennsylvania from one until three in the afternoon. If you haveContinue reading “On a Reminder about Saturday’s Autographing”

On an Upcoming Autographing

I’m pleased to announce that on Saturday, July 7th, I will be autographing copies of the just-released Star Trek: Corps of Engineers book, Grand Designs at the Borders Express at Exton Square Mall in Exton, Pennsylvania from 1 to 3 in the afternoon. Copies of both Grand Designs and last fall’s StarTrek anthology Constellations willContinue reading “On an Upcoming Autographing”

On the Smell of Ink

New books have a distinctive smell. Paperbacks, especially. There’s the paper smell. Sometimes there’s little paper particles from when the paper’s cut. It’s an earthy smell. Then there’s the ink smell. It’s a tangy smell. Sharp. Even a little metallic. Then there’s the binding smell. Nothing smells like fresh glue. Yesterday was a great dayContinue reading “On the Smell of Ink”

On Grand Designs

Grand Designs, the Star Trek: Corps of Engineers compilation containing my novella Ring Around the Sky, will be published by Pocket Books in July of 2007. The cover for it was unveiled today: The cover image is of the world Kharzh’ulla IV, seen in my story, as rendered by artist Chris Moore. Kharzh’ulla boasts ofContinue reading “On Grand Designs”