On Oddball Christmas Albums

I have bought an underwhelming Christmas album on iTunes. I like Christmas music. For being a godless heathen, I enjoy listening to it year ’round. I have many different Christmas albums. Medieval and Renaissance-styled. Vince Guaraldi and other jazz standards. Celtic. Even some Beatle-esque Christmas albums, which I wrote about here a few years ago.Continue reading “On Oddball Christmas Albums”

On Green Day's "Working Class Hero"

I have a few John Lennon tribute albums. One came out about ten years ago, an album called Working Class Hero. Q did one in honor of John’s sixty-fifth birthday. Neither could I recommend. There’s something about John Lennon’s solo music that doesn’t lend itself to cover versions. Some have said that Lennon did theContinue reading “On Green Day's "Working Class Hero"”

On Bands I Like

Stolen from Keith, a music meme. List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). 1. The Beatles 2. Carbon Leaf 3. Coldplay 4. Nick Drake 5. Green Day 6. Vince Guaraldi 7. Led Zeppelin 8. Snow Patrol 9. Tom Petty 10. The Who Okay, ten musicalContinue reading “On Bands I Like”