Cheese and Onions Experimentation

Of late I have been experimenting with cheese and onions sandwiches. I mentioned back in March that, because of George Harrison’s 75th birthday, I rewatched Eric Idle’s The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash. Harrison was a huge fan of Idle’s satire of the Beatles, and he even had a cameo as a reporter coveringContinue reading “Cheese and Onions Experimentation”

Taglines and Theme Music

Over the last five, six, maybe eight years, people have asked me about my blog’s tagline. (Which is also my personal email sig, by the way.) Scroll up to the top of the blog, and there, in a Tolkien-inspired font, you’ll see it. “‘Made of awesome and Guinness and bright shiny pennies…’ What does thatContinue reading “Taglines and Theme Music”

On the True Tale of St. Patrick’s Day

A year ago, I sent my niece a St. Patrick’s Day card. She was just four months old, so it wasn’t as though she could read it, but she’s my niece, I only have the one, and she should get cards from people who are related to her but who don’t feel avuncular. I wroteContinue reading “On the True Tale of St. Patrick’s Day”