On Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears and Other Things

Recently I discovered the greatest food invented by the mind of man. Juice-filled gummi bears. Long have I had a passion for gummi bears. I liked going to a candy store at the mall and filling a bag with scoops of gummis right out of the bin. I like gummi bears soft and chewy. IContinue reading “On Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears and Other Things”

On Random Songs On The Mind

On the train this morning, apropos of nothing, a song affixed itself in my head. Magic and mystery     Are part of their history, Along with the secret     Of gummi berry juice. The magic is growing,     They take pride in knowing They fight for what’s right     In whatever they do! Gummi Bears! Bouncing here and thereContinue reading “On Random Songs On The Mind”