Coffee Bars

Owen frowned.  Pubs he liked.  Coffee bars he didn’t.  The college kids in turtlenecks, the young professionals on their laptops — he’d lived this life and outgrown it.  He wanted a drink — bourbon or scotch — not a made-up Italian word for a fancy coffee. He heard Tosh through his earpiece.  “You’re on topContinue reading “Coffee Bars”

On "The Lazarus Experiment" and Other Who Stuff

Before we get to “The Lazarus Experiment,” the latest episode of Doctor Who‘s third season, let’s look at two new Doctor Who drabbles I wrote and uploaded to the website. The first, “Recitals,” is a tenth Doctor/Martha drabble about, yes, a poetry recital. (There’s no spoilers, for those unfamiliar with Martha.) The second, “Coffee Bars,”Continue reading “On "The Lazarus Experiment" and Other Who Stuff”

On Finishing Torchwood

Torchwood, season one. As I mentioned a few days ago I recently started watching Torchwood, the BBC’s adult-oriented Doctor Who spin-off about a team of alien tech investigators. I’ve finished the first season, and what do I think? Torchwood was very much a mixed bag. There were moments that were absolutely incredible. There were episodesContinue reading “On Finishing Torchwood”

On Experiencing Torchwood

Thanks to the kindness of beagles I’ve been watching this weekend the first season of Torchwood. For some readers Torchwood is an old hat. For other readers, unfamiliar with the program here’s a quick summary. Torchwood is a Doctor Who spin-off, following the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness (seen in the revived Doctor Who‘s firstContinue reading “On Experiencing Torchwood”