Handwriting, Printing, and Technology

I can’t write in cursive. I don’t know how anymore. I can sign my name. For everything else, I print. In school, when teachers stopped caring about cursive, I stopped caring about cursive and went back to print. I’m not alone in this. Every so often I read an article online bemoaning the fact thatContinue reading “Handwriting, Printing, and Technology”

On the Look and Feel of My Handwriting

I’m told that my handwriting looks like a girl’s handwriting. I can’t write in cursive. I forgot how to do so many, many years ago. Instead, my printing, which in high school had been crabby, jangly, and even a little jerky, began to transform into something a little more fluid, a little more open, aContinue reading “On the Look and Feel of My Handwriting”