Gallipoli, an Historical Blunder

This afternoon I listened to a BBC World Service podcast, part of their “War that Changed the World” series on World War I, about the Australian experience at Gallipoli. Gallipoli, for those who don’t know a great deal about World War I, was Britain’s attempt to open a second front by capturing the Dardanelles, theContinue reading “Gallipoli, an Historical Blunder”

On a Week-End Round-Up

Another week beginning, another week done to recap. 🙂 Last Sunday, I discovered that former British PM Harold Saxon has declared his candidacy to be President of the United States. My reaction? How does this even work? Not only is Saxon an alien from another planet, but his wife shot and killed him, and hisContinue reading “On a Week-End Round-Up”

On Harold Saxon’s Candidacy

Harold Saxon has declared his candidacy for President of the United States. I’m not exactly certain how this works — or even makes any sort of sense. How can a dead and disgraced former British Prime Minister run for President? Was Saxon born in the United States somehow? I’m not honestly certain. The website’s aContinue reading “On Harold Saxon’s Candidacy”

On Britain’s Parliamentary Elections

Election time in the UK. One Prime Minister is out. And now Parliamentary elections are on the horizon. I don’t have a horse in this race as I don’t live in Britain, but I do have to say. I like what Harold Saxon has to say. The man’s a visionary. He thinks outside the box.Continue reading “On Britain’s Parliamentary Elections”