Remaking Harry Potter

Warner Bros. has announced a Harry Potter television series. Why make a Harry Potter television series? Why re-adapt the books? Besides WB wanting to make money with the IP, of course. I doubt I’ll watch it — I don’t have the former HBO Max, and don’t plan on having it in the future — butContinue reading “Remaking Harry Potter”

An Eerie Sunset

It’s mid-September, and this week has really started to feel like autumn. There’s a chill dampness in the morning, and the nights feel downright cold. I had to throw extra blankets on the bed last night, and I worked part of the day at home while wearing a hoodie. The weird thing is the sky.Continue reading “An Eerie Sunset”

After Reichenbach

I had been not long returned from Switzerland when, one afternoon after making my rounds, my travels brought me by Holmes’ old lodgings in Baker Street. Mrs. Hudson, our former landlady, greeted me warmly and we spoke for some time. “I began to tidy up his things,” said she, “until a telegram arrived from hisContinue reading “After Reichenbach”

On Health Care Bills and Their Length

Ten and twelve year-old children can read through J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. I heard an interview on NPR where one young girl read through the final book twice in twelve hours. Harry Potter, massive tomes that they are, are often and avidly consumed by children. So, why are Republican Senators having such a difficultContinue reading “On Health Care Bills and Their Length”

On New LEGO Games

Let’s be upfront, here. I love LEGO. 🙂 I also love the LEGO video games. Though I haven’t played LEGO Batman, so I don’t know if that’s good or if it’s crap. That’s okay, though. It looks like Travelers Tales, the development studio behind such hits as LEGO Star Wars, is looking to develop moreContinue reading “On New LEGO Games”