Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence

There is a generation for whom their Star Trek isn’t one of the television series. It’s the movies. Maroon jackets. Admiral Kirk. James Horner. “Of all the souls I have encountered…” Protomatter and Project Genesis. “My god, Bones, what have I done?” Humpback whales. “A double dumb-ass on you.” Born too late for the animatedContinue reading “Harve Bennett: A Reminiscence”

On Star Trek: The Academy Years

Several years ago Pocket Books published two volumes of Star Trek scripts. One collection covered the Q episodes, the other covered Seven of Nine episodes. While a nice idea, the script choices were also slightly disappointing–the episodes were already out there in the marketplace to be viewed. I wasn’t sure who these books were supposedContinue reading “On Star Trek: The Academy Years”