On Mid-Week Errata

I’ve had Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” stuck in my head today. My day actually began with Jethro Tull. My Tull collection is not large — Aqualung, the Christmas album, a greatest hits album. While working this morning, I needed something different to keep me going, and “Locomotive Breath” from Aqualung seemed auspicious. Which made meContinue reading “On Mid-Week Errata”

On Mistaken Names

I watched on MASN2 this afternoon two of the lowliest teams in baseball — the Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I consider the Nats my “local team.” I think this is common amongst football fans (and by “football fans” I mean “soccer fans”), where there’s a top tier squad that one roots for, andContinue reading “On Mistaken Names”

On Alberto Gonzales’ Next Job

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has a problem — he can’t find a job. He blames a “tough economy.” If law firms aren’t hiring, maybe Gonzales should look to other venues and employment opportunities. Maybe he should think about a career change. What about Professional Hellboy Impersonator? He could get done up in red greaseContinue reading “On Alberto Gonzales’ Next Job”

On Thinking About Summer Movies

I mentioned a few days ago the comic book films I was looking forward to this summer. To recap, from top to bottom: The Dark Knight Hellboy II: The Golden Army Iron Man The Incredible Hulk It’s a bit of a misnomer, actually, to suggest that I’m looking forward to The Incredible Hulk. I’m quiteContinue reading “On Thinking About Summer Movies”

On Mid-Week Reflections

Why must it be dreary? Rain today. Rain yesterday. Rain Sunday. Rain, rain, rain. And no thundrous drumming from Ringo Starr, either. Rain. Doctor Who‘s fourth season has begun. Thankfully, it began with something light and fluffy. After wrecking on the emotional shoals from Torchwood‘s “Exit Wounds,” the screwball comedy nature of Who‘s “Partners inContinue reading “On Mid-Week Reflections”

On Weird Fandom Questions

Stolen from novelist David McIntee: Name six of your fandoms without looking below the cut, then answer the questions. Okie-day! I’m interpretting “fandom” broadly—I like bands, I like books, I like television shows. So, broad definitions here. My six are: Hellboy The Beatles Doctor Who The Lord of the Rings Star Trek Boston Legal AndContinue reading “On Weird Fandom Questions”

On a Crossover I Want To See

I went to the BBC’s website yesterday and downloaded some desktop wallpapers for “Blink,”, this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who. And I was looking at some of the wallpapers and their depiction of crumbling angelic statues and their blank eyes, the craziest thought came to mind. I want a Doctor Who/Hellboy crossover. Because those statuesContinue reading “On a Crossover I Want To See”

On the Hellboy Novel

I’m now about halfway through On Earth as It Is in Hell, Brian Hodge’s new novel based on Mike Mignola’s comic book character Hellboy, the World’s Greatest Paranormal Detective. No giant gorillas with huge freakin’ metal bolts sticking out of their necks. Dagnabbit! Despite that failing, however, it is a mildly diverting read. Seraphim attackContinue reading “On the Hellboy Novel”