On Random Thoughts, Late Friday Afternoon

At a meeting today… “We’re not writing Hemingway here.” No, I try and write like Fitzgerald, thanks. Last night, while listening to the BBC World Service on NPR, I heard something I’d never, ever heard before. I heard someone pronounce “February” the way it’s spelled. I’ve always heard people say “Fe Byoo Airy.” Sometimes, justContinue reading “On Random Thoughts, Late Friday Afternoon”

On Making More Website Changes

It was time. Three months ago I implemented a radical redesign of the website. After pouring over usage statistics I noticed several broad patterns of the way readers, like yourself, were interacting with the content here. First, there was a core group of readers who hit the website regularly. Second, there were drive-by readers whoContinue reading “On Making More Website Changes”

On Fiddling with WordPress

Wednesday I decided it was time. WordPress 2.5 wasn’t officially released, but there was a release candidate available. The WordPress Podcast said that, as best they could tell, it was stable and probably good to go. And I’m a tinkerer. Even if that means taking my blog’s sanity into my own hands. I upgraded toContinue reading “On Fiddling with WordPress”

On Tweaking Hemingway

My experiment with Hemingway continues! The Hemingway theme has a couple of interesting things going for it. Number one, it’s not under any sort of active development. The latest version — 0.19 — was released nearly twenty-four months ago. Number two, there’s absolutely no support for it. The download page has dead links to supportContinue reading “On Tweaking Hemingway”

On a Week-End Round-Up

With the new redesign of the website, it’s possible that some potentially interesting content has fallen by the wayside and might be missed by casual readers. So, let’s review some of the things I wrote about last week. Sunday began with some thoughts on the new layout of the website. While I was happy withContinue reading “On a Week-End Round-Up”