What If… Gary Johnson Had Won in 2016?

Yesterday evening, scrolling through Facebook, I saw a former colleague of mine from EB Games, M, post the following meme image, without any commentary: I posted a quick reply: “Honestly, what do you think would have been different with Johnson?” I didn’t expect a reply, but one was soon forthcoming. In case that’s not entirelyContinue reading “What If… Gary Johnson Had Won in 2016?”

What Will Happen When Obama Endorses Clinton?

Something political has been nagging at the back of my mind for a few days. Sometime very soon, Barack Obama will endorse Hillary Clinton and throw his full support behind her. He hasn’t yet officially, not while there are still Democratic primaries to be decided, but he has been quietly telling donors and major DemocraticContinue reading “What Will Happen When Obama Endorses Clinton?”

Bernie Sanders, the Candidate of Aspirations, not Actions

Let me be upfront — whoever is the Democratic nominee in November will have my vote. Pennsylvania will certainly be critical in November, and I cannot in good conscience cast a vote that could possibly lead to a Trump or Cruz presidency. Some men, like Cruz, want to watch the world burn, while other men,Continue reading “Bernie Sanders, the Candidate of Aspirations, not Actions”

Bernie Sanders, Renowned Tormenter of Windmills

Although my policy preferences more closely match Bernie Sanders than any other candidate — an unscientific Facebook survey put me something like 96% in line with Sanders — I’m not excited by his presidential candidacy. I have given him five dollars (as I also gave to Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton) to get on hisContinue reading “Bernie Sanders, Renowned Tormenter of Windmills”

War with Jihadists and the Republican Outrage

Friday night, shortly after I got home from work, my mom called me. She wanted to know what was happening in Paris. My sister had called her, and since she was out and away from any news source, she thought I would know. I gave her a quick rundown of what I knew at theContinue reading “War with Jihadists and the Republican Outrage”

On Complaints Over Typefaces

The media can be stupid. While that can be a general complaint, in this case, there’s a specific reason I say that. Hillary Clinton has come under fire because she wrote her resignation letter using the Poor Richard font. Really? Seriously? She goes in for criticism because of the font? I’ve used Poor Richard. IContinue reading “On Complaints Over Typefaces”

On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options

It’s August. Political reporters need something to write about. So why not write about the 2012 election? How else to explain the sudden flurry of articles — with this one from Politics Daily a typical example — speculating on Hillary Clinton’s plans for 2012? Or, this article which suggests that Clinton will stage a primaryContinue reading “On Hillary Clinton’s 2012 Political Options”

On Supreme Court Nominations

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is stepping down. Who should President Obama replace him with? It’s guaranteed that whomever he nominates will be in for a difficult time in the Senate. A year and a half ago I suggested Hillary Clinton as a likely Supreme Court nominee from President Obama. I think the reasonsContinue reading “On Supreme Court Nominations”

On Health Care Reform, Then and Now

Saturday mornings I have a routine. I get up. I fix coffee. I eat a bowl of cereal. I listen to Weekend Edition Saturday on NPR. This has been my routine for pretty much the past three years; prior to that, I always worked on Saturdays, and thus Weekend Edition wasn’t something I could listenContinue reading “On Health Care Reform, Then and Now”