On the President, Out of Touch With Reality

Commander Guy has a hard-on for an attack on Iran. First, despite a multitude of reports that the reported threats by Iranian speedboats in the Straits of Hormuz were the work of a prankster, the President attempted to suggest a causus belli for… something. And second, despite the National Intelligence Estimate that stated that IranContinue reading “On the President, Out of Touch With Reality”

On Olbermann’s Take on Iran

I wrote yesterday about the release of the NIE on Iran and the President’s press conference Tuesday morning. Neither event, truthfully, was particularly pleasant. Neither has had much play in the press, that I’ve seen. (Blogosphere, yes. Media, no.) Naturally, I wondered what Keith Olbermann would make of the release of the NIE and theContinue reading “On Olbermann’s Take on Iran”

On the Coming War With Iran

I wrote two weeks ago about the President’s decision to name the Iranian Republican Guard — one of the major branches of their military — a “global terrorist organization” and the implications that had for a potential military strike against Iran. Then I read this today, an article at DailyKos giving the perspective of aContinue reading “On the Coming War With Iran”

On the Next Step in the “War on Terror”

The United States is going to go to war with Iran. It will happen. The noise machine is already working. It is going to happen. And there’s not a thing Congress can do about it now. Why? Because President Bush has designated Iran’s Republican Guard, their elite military force, a “global terrorist.” And the AuthorizationContinue reading “On the Next Step in the “War on Terror””

On the Things We Now Know

Bernard Weiner, at the Crisis Papers, has written an essay about the “Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11.” Now that we’re five years past the events of that Tuesday morning in September, Weiner takes stock of what’s happened to the United States in that span of time. His observations? Not good. InContinue reading “On the Things We Now Know”