When Janeway Fought Galactus

Over the years I’ve mentioned a story I plotted in the mid-1990s but never wrote (for obvious reasons) — Captain Janeway (of Star Trek: Voyager) vs. Galactus (of Marvel Comics). Star Trek? Galactus? What madness is this? Return with me to the halcyon days of late 1995/early 1996 when Marvel Comics announced that they hadContinue reading “When Janeway Fought Galactus”

On Talking Star Trek: Voyager

Yesterday at work I found myself talking Star Trek: Voyager with one of the other writers in the department. No reason why — it’s just where the conversation went. Oh, wait. I remember now. It was the “T’Pau/T’Pol” problem — why was the planned use of T’Pau changed to a new character named T’Pol? NothingContinue reading “On Talking Star Trek: Voyager”