Life Is Better with Pineapple

Let’s turn the block back to April… Hmm. Hawaiian spaghetti, made with cream cheese, ham, and pineapple. I thought that sounded fab! The reaction online, however, was less than enthusiastic. Well, I’ve made it. It’s fine. It could be better. But it’s fine. It is not “a hate crime.” If I make it again, I’dContinue reading “Life Is Better with Pineapple”

A Changing of the Guard

Jenna Coleman is leaving Doctor Who. If you believe the Mirror, that is. I don’t believe the Mirror, not exactly. I think the basic story is right — she’s leaving the series at the end of the year — but the details are invented. The characterization that she “quit” especially strikes me as false. IContinue reading “A Changing of the Guard”