On a Strange Dream

I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Actually, ever since the move I’ve simply not been able to sleep, at least not until the early hours of the morn. It’s also means that I’m either remembering my dreams or I’m hallucinating. I don’t normally remember my dreams, and yet I remember quite vividly part ofContinue reading “On a Strange Dream”

On Senator Kerry's Filibuster

Massachusetts Senator Kerry today called for a Senate filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito. I don’t know how the votes will break down, if the Democrats will have enough votes to hold off a cloture vote. If the cloture vote to end debate fails, would the Republicans then unleash the nuclear option, rewritingContinue reading “On Senator Kerry's Filibuster”

Reflections on the Presidential Election

What happened four years ago–Florida, the Supreme Court, the election of Bush rather than Gore–shook my confidence in the American political process. What happened on Tuesday–the re-election of Bush (or the first election of Bush, depending on how you felt about Bush v. Gore four years ago)–shook my confidence in the American people. At timesContinue reading “Reflections on the Presidential Election”