On the Day After

I was planning on writing nothing more on the subject of Sarah Palin and her sudden resignation, at least until the federal indictments are handed down in the very near future, but I can’t stand to watch the bloodbath in Wrigleyville any longer. Oh, Cubs :cubs: , why hast thou forsaken me? Ahem. Sarah Palin.Continue reading “On the Day After”

On McCain’s Last Hurrah

I watched Meet the Press this morning as General Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for President. Powell made a well-reasoned and well-articulated argument for Obama, that he has shown steadiness in the face of challenge, the intellecual temperament, and the understanding necessary to be President of the United States. John McCain, in Powell’s view, hasContinue reading “On McCain’s Last Hurrah”

On McCain’s Play For “Real Virginia”

John McCain’s presidential campaign is making a play for a new state — Real Virginia. Northern Virginia, as McCain spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer notes, is growing increasingly Democratic. So, too, is the Virginia Beach area, the Richmond-Fredericksburg corridor, and Albemarle County. The rest of the state is heavily Republican, but the demographic trends of the stateContinue reading “On McCain’s Play For “Real Virginia””

On John McCain and his Mob

Frank Schaeffer, the author of Crazy for God writes in today’s Baltimore Sun that the John McCain/Sarah Palin political rallies “are beginning to look, sound, feel and smell like lynch mobs.” Jonathan Martin of Yahoo! News writes that among Republicans there is “belief that taking out Obama is the only way to win.” The WallContinue reading “On John McCain and his Mob”

On Planetariums and John McCain’s Short-Sightedness

When I was younger, my father used to take me, my brother, and my sister to the planetarium on a regular basis. I loved it. Lean back in the chair, look up at the presentation, and learn something about the universe we live in. My interest in astronomy was kindled by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. TheContinue reading “On Planetariums and John McCain’s Short-Sightedness”

On John McCain’s Health Care Plan

John McCain has offered a health care plan as part of his platform. Employer provided health insurance would be taxed as income, and then the taxpayer would receive a tax credit when they file their 1040s — $2,500 for the individual, $5,000 for a family. For workers who can’t get health insurance through their job,Continue reading “On John McCain’s Health Care Plan”

On the Next John McCain Hail Mary

The headline says it all — “McCain camp prays for Palin wedding.” Why is the McCain campaign “praying”? Let’s put it like this — Republican presidential standard bearer John McCain had a pretty rough week last week. His Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, sat for an interview with Katie Couric — and came outContinue reading “On the Next John McCain Hail Mary”

On the Debate and John McCain’s Lies

Okay, the debate. Let’s liveblog. 🙂 Barack Obama is hardly “the most liberal member of the Senate” as McCain likes to say. Two tax brackets? Did I catch that correctly? McCain wants to collapse the tax brackets to only two? How is building nuclear power plants, as McCain suggests we need to do, going toContinue reading “On the Debate and John McCain’s Lies”

On John McCain’s Campaign

John McCain is suspending his presidential campaign tomorrow. The reason? So he can go to Washington and work out a solution to the crisis rocking Wall Street. Twenty-four hours ago, McCain had been trying to distance himself from any role in resolving the financial crisis. Only now does McCain want to be involved in movingContinue reading “On John McCain’s Campaign”

On “The Goddamn McCain”

Consider Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. An aged hero confronts a new generation. He’s older, he’s slower, he knows that he’s physically no match. An artist has done an incredible job mixing portaits of John McCain with Frank Miller’s Batman dialogue and thought balloons from The Dark Knight Returns. If Frank Miller, circa 1985,Continue reading “On “The Goddamn McCain””