Choosing Irish Music over a Science Fiction Convention

Friday Shore Leave begins. For the first time in fifteen years, I won’t be there. The Annapolis Irish Festival also begins Friday. Carbon Leaf is one of the headliners. I’m attending that instead. This wasn’t an easy decision to make. Allyn Agonistes. Shore Leave, I’ve attended every year since 2001. (And I went to theContinue reading “Choosing Irish Music over a Science Fiction Convention”

On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening

Yes, I scored tickets to BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Doctor Who screening in New York yesterday. You may have heard horror stories about acquiring tickets. My luck may be lousy in everything else, but the one time it counted the luck came through. 🙂 I made two “immediate reaction” tweets. The first: “HolyContinue reading “On BBC America’s “Asylum of the Daleks” Screening”

On Random Video Silliness for a Late Sunday

Three recent video discoveries on YouTube… Vader Sessions, a Star Wars fanfilm that takes classic Star Wars scenes and remixes them with James Earl Jones’ dialogue from other films: A Young Sherlock Holmes fanvid. Okay, yes, it uses Evanescence’s “My Immortal,” which is a song that I tired of, oh, five years ago, but it’sContinue reading “On Random Video Silliness for a Late Sunday”

On Speculations About Doctor Who’s Game-Changer

As I wrote about a few days ago, the upcoming episodes of Doctor Who will be split into two seasons — season six (7 episodes) at Easter, season seven (6 episodes) in the autumn. Showrunner Steven Moffat is quoted in The Guardian as saying that the sixth season (that being spring) will end with “anContinue reading “On Speculations About Doctor Who’s Game-Changer”