More Thoughts on Lis Sladen

A few years ago — summer of 2007 — I wanted to write a novel that starred Sarah Jane Smith. The story I envisioned was not the kind of Doctor Who novel that BBC Books had published (at that point) in about two years. “Wouldn’t it be interesting,” thought I to myself, “to take threeContinue reading “More Thoughts on Lis Sladen”

On “The Death of the Doctor”

In spite of my love for Lis Sladen, I don’t normally watch The Sarah Jane Adventures. I watched the first season and enjoyed it, mostly, but there were other things to do with my time and, to be honest, getting ahold of the episodes always seemed like more trouble than benefit. But I made anContinue reading “On “The Death of the Doctor””

On Doctor Who's Second Season

The BBC made a number of announcements about Doctor Who‘s new season. Lis Sladen will be reprising her role as Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah travelled with the third and fourth Doctors in the mid-1970s. Stephen Fry will be writing an episode. Anthony Stewart Head will make an appearance. And somewhere a Cyberman is saying “Excellent.”Continue reading “On Doctor Who's Second Season”