More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking

A couple of weeks ago, I mused on potential Doctor Who spin-offs. I’m not the only one. SyFy’s Blastr website yesterday posted an article on the five modern Who characters who deserve spin-off series: River Song Liz X Canton Everett Delaware III Sally Sparrow Martha Jones Let’s set aside the fact that the last twoContinue reading “More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking”

On My “Journey’s End” Theories

I’ve been doing some thinking about how “Journey’s End,” the fourth season finale of Doctor Who, will end. Naturally, this post will contain spoilers. And, for future reference, I’m going to write them down. 🙂 I should note, of course, that my track record with Doctor Who theories is not good. I thought the rumorContinue reading “On My “Journey’s End” Theories”

On the Torchwood Trailer and Assorted Thoughts

A Freema Ageyman website posted the Torchwood Season 2 trailer. I watched that this morning, and what can I say? I’m majorly excited. 🙂 There’s very little of Martha Jones in the trailer, but that’s understandable. The trailer was cut for BBC America, and BBC America has yet to show the third season of DoctorContinue reading “On the Torchwood Trailer and Assorted Thoughts”

On New Doctor Who Comics

IDW, published of comics based on Star Trek and the Transformers, has picked up the comics license for Doctor Who. Announced at San Diego Comicon yesterday, the series will star the tenth Doctor and Martha and will debut later in the year, written by Doctor Who novelist Gary Russell and with art by Nick Roche.Continue reading “On New Doctor Who Comics”

On "The Lazarus Experiment" and Other Who Stuff

Before we get to “The Lazarus Experiment,” the latest episode of Doctor Who‘s third season, let’s look at two new Doctor Who drabbles I wrote and uploaded to the website. The first, “Recitals,” is a tenth Doctor/Martha drabble about, yes, a poetry recital. (There’s no spoilers, for those unfamiliar with Martha.) The second, “Coffee Bars,”Continue reading “On "The Lazarus Experiment" and Other Who Stuff”