Completing the Census

It’s 2020, and that means that the decennial Census must be completed. On Wednesday, April 1st, I filled out the Census survey online. And, as I said I would two years ago… As I wrote in that two year-old blog post, “I have decided that I will report that my ancestors come from Grand Fenwick,Continue reading “Completing the Census”

Link Round-Up: December 21

Here are some things I read today that interested me. Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God? – Yes. Next question? (For more about this, see my link round-up for December 17th.) NPR 12 Days of Christmas Songs: ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ Is A Hymn for the Ages – As part of their “12Continue reading “Link Round-Up: December 21”

The Once and Future King: The Lengthening Shadow

Enter Mordred. For the first four hours of Brian Sibley’s adaptation of T.H. White’s The Once and Future King, Mordred, Arthur’s bastard and incestuous son, has loomed over the proceedings as, on the night before the battle of Camlann, Arthur reminisces with Merlyn about his reign. He has always been an off-stage presence while ArthurContinue reading “The Once and Future King: The Lengthening Shadow”

The Once and Future King: The Queen of Air and Darkness

While listening to “The Queen of Air and Darkness,” the third episode of Brian Sibley’s adaptation of T.H. White’s The Once and Future King for BBC Radio 4 for a third time, something I had overlooked or had passed over me came to the fore and I had an unexpected insight. Am I an atheistContinue reading “The Once and Future King: The Queen of Air and Darkness”

Crisis In Infinite Camelots

“Who are you all?” the boy with scruffy hair wanted to know. “Why, isn’t it obvious?” said the animated man with the long white beard and the pointed hat. “Not to me,” said the man with the metallic skullcap and the trim beard in his high-pitched voice. The unkempt, unwashed man dyed in woad paintContinue reading “Crisis In Infinite Camelots”

Accidental Epiphanies

Much as Merlin liked Gwen, he doubted the wisdom of bringing her along on his pollen gathering duties. “That one!  What do you think?” Merlin sighed.  She’d broken his concentration once again. “What?” “That cloud.”  She pointed upward at a billowing cloud.  “I think it looks like a dragon.” Merlin followed her gaze.  “No, itContinue reading “Accidental Epiphanies”

Comparative Religions

Shortly after Merlin’s arrival in Camelot, he asked Gaius to explain the differences between the “Old Religion” and the religion practiced by the king — Christianity. This proved a mistake.  Gaius droned on for hours, only embaffling Merlin with excessive detail. Merlin considered asking Prince Arthur the next day, then decided his curiosity would promptContinue reading “Comparative Religions”

The Calculus of Diplomacy

“Negotiations. How I despise them.” Arthur was nonplussed by Uther’s pronouncement. “The delegation from Thule…” “…Has nothing of worth for Camelot. Trade? They want our produce and offer mere trinkets in return. An alliance? Our kingdoms are separated by rough seas, and though we both beset by rivals we have not mutual enemies.” “What ifContinue reading “The Calculus of Diplomacy”

The Twain in Camelot

It was said throughout Lankhmar that, in the Year of the Briny Toad, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, having fallen afoul of the Thieves Guild once more, ventured forth to the kingdom of Camelot, there to participate in a tournament in honor of the Lady Morgana’s birthday. Though their fame did not precede them, itContinue reading “The Twain in Camelot”

The Solitary Wood

In the Old Forest, just beyond Camelot’s walls, there stood a mighty tree, alone. “Do not approach it,” Gaius had long warned, and Merlin, assuming the tree was cursed with ancient magic, stayed away until a hunt with Arthur and a spirited fox chase led him to the tree’s clearing. Merlin approached the tree withContinue reading “The Solitary Wood”