An Ancient Qur’an and Early Islam

Putting on my historian hat for the moment. In Birmingham, fragments of a Qur’an dating to the 7th century have been discovered in a collection at the university there, making this one of the oldest known Qur’ans in existence. (The headline says “oldest,” but the article is not as definitive.) The Carbon-14 dating may putContinue reading “An Ancient Qur’an and Early Islam”

On Draw Muhammad Day

Today is “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” The day was declared in the aftermath of Comedy Central’s censoring of a recent South Park. Muhammad, who had appeared in 2001 in the episode “Super Best Friends” was depicted wearing a bear suit; Sunni Muslims find depictions of the Prophet offensive, and editorial cartoons in Denmark resulted inContinue reading “On Draw Muhammad Day”

On South Park, the Prophet Muhammad, and Censorship

This, to the left, is the Prophet Muhammad. He appeared in the 2001 episode of South Park, “Super Best Friends.” He could shoot fire from his hands, and he battled evil alongside fellow religious icons Buddha, Krishna, and Joseph Smith. This, to the right, is also the Prophet Muhammad. He’s wearing a bear suit, likeContinue reading “On South Park, the Prophet Muhammad, and Censorship”