On Things I’ve Been Reading

John Carter: World of Mars Marvel Comics Written by Peter David Art by Luke Ross A few weeks ago I saw John Carter, director Andrew Stanton’s adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, the first of his eleven books set on Barsoom (better known to us as Mars), for Disney. John Carter hasContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On a Doctor Pooh T-Shirt

I’ve gone and I’ve done it. I’ve bought a tee-shirt from Qwertee. Qwertee is the UK equivalent of TeeFury, a website that sells limited edition t-shirts that break copyright a million ways to Tuesday for a limited time. Qwertee’s design today is of Doctor Pooh, a Time Lord of Very Little Brain. As designed byContinue reading “On a Doctor Pooh T-Shirt”

On Boycotts — and Why They’re Not Wrong

Peter David watched The View. The reason? He wanted to see the Bill O’Reilly/Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg incident: (Video from here) Peter mentioned that some commentators, including The View‘s Barbara Walters, have said it was inappropriate for Goldberg and Behar to get up and walk out on O’Reilly for being an inflamatory asshole: “This immediately promptedContinue reading “On Boycotts — and Why They’re Not Wrong”

On Hemingway and Writing Tricks

Lately, and of no real surprise, I’ve been on an Ernest Hemingway kick. I discovered that a restored edition of A Moveable Feast is forthcoming. My contribution to Peter David’s round-robin Twilight parody was two thousand words of quality imitation Hemingway entitled “Santora,” complete with bullfights, wine, villas, and cryptically coded sex. Of course, whatContinue reading “On Hemingway and Writing Tricks”

Talking New Frontier

This came up on the Trek boards recently. I’m sure a person could read Being Human, the next non-crossover Star Trek: New Frontier novel, without having previously read Cold Wars and What Lay Beyond, but you’d probably miss a few references. Two years ago, you could have read The Quiet Place and Dark Allies withoutContinue reading “Talking New Frontier”

On Peter David Novels

Since someone asked, my quick take on some Peter David Star Trek books… Q-Squared was a solid romp. Alternate timelines, the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the tragedy of Jack Crusher. My favorite scene has to be the three Datas discussing their sexual habits while the Enterprise-D is about to crash. TheContinue reading “On Peter David Novels”

On Quintin Stone

Here’s what I think would be an interesting way to play with Quintin Stone in Star Trek: New Frontier. A Rock and a Hard Place makes the point that Stone used to be a quiet, by-the-book officer, until the Prime Directive situation on Ianni that drove him over the edge and made him the rough-and-tumbleContinue reading “On Quintin Stone”

Peter David's Writing Style

O. Deus wrote: [Peter] David doesn’t do nice stories. He’s the one writer assigned to doing R-Rated ST stories which is pretty much his function. If he didn’t keep shoving in the violence and sex and betrayals, readers might begin to notice that he’s no better a writer than any of the other franchise’s pensContinue reading “Peter David's Writing Style”