Musings on a Water Tower

Last Saturday at Farpoint I went to dinner with some friends and their pre-school aged daughter. As we drove up York Road, the preschooler pointed to the west. “Look! A water tower! It’s so small!” I’ve worked in the area for the past ten years. Yet this was the first time I’d really noticed theContinue reading “Musings on a Water Tower”

The Philosopher’s Arms

A few days ago I discovered a new BBC podcast, The Philosopher’s Arms. “Podcast” is, I should say, a misnomer. The Philosopher’s Arms is a BBC Radio 4 series, just finished with its third run of episodes, that the BBC has made available as a podcast download. And just what is The Philosopher’s Arms? ThisContinue reading “The Philosopher’s Arms”

On Random Facebook Philosophizing

Today has been a great day for comments on Facebook. Usually there’s no reason to ever remember a comment made on Facebook — Facebook is such a transient thing, after all — but today I made two that I thought with pithy and important and worth remembering. The first has to do with GameStop. DeusContinue reading “On Random Facebook Philosophizing”

On Why Slate Gets Atheism Wrong

Slate today asks a provocative question — Which is worse for evangelicals like Rick Perry — being an atheist or a Muslim? Writer Brian Palmer answers “atheism.” And while I agree with his answer, I disagree with his reasoning. Writes Palmer: “The ancient and medieval Christians wouldn’t have had much to say about pure atheism,Continue reading “On Why Slate Gets Atheism Wrong”

On a Winter Night’s Thoughts

Monday night when I left the office, about ten minutes to six, I stepped out of the office building’s glass doors into the early night and there, ahead of me in deep space, was Orion, his mighty belt running from just slightly above the horizon to perhaps a fifth of the way to zenith. TheContinue reading “On a Winter Night’s Thoughts”

On Early Morning Atheist Philosophy

It’s another scorcher of a day, and I’ve started it out with coffee… And reading about atheism! :spock: Posted just a few days ago, Greta Christina writes about 6 (unlikely) developments that could convince her to abandon her atheism and believe in god. She has a good list, but really only the first — anContinue reading “On Early Morning Atheist Philosophy”