On Returning to Coding the Website

This week I returned to a long-delayed project — my website redesign. Every intention I had of having it finished months ago went fell by the wayside. I lost interest in blogging in the spring. Posts became sporadic. I didn’t even mention when this blog passed its tenth anniversary. (It was five weeks ago, inContinue reading “On Returning to Coding the Website”

On Working Through the Blog Coding

No, blogging world, I have not forgotten about you. I’ve been very, very busy, though I did squeeze in a Doctor Who drabble based on The Silmarillion. (Yes, really. Don’t be shocked. It works.) Last weekend I was in New Jersey for Philcon. I took off Friday and Monday. When I got back to theContinue reading “On Working Through the Blog Coding”

On Writing More WordPress Code

Two months ago, I wrote how I was planning a blog redesign. It’s not something I’ve worked on with any great alacrity; I don’t need it for another eight months. Basically, a nearly decade-old blog has outgrown its host, and I need to move it to another host, but my current hosting plan isn’t upContinue reading “On Writing More WordPress Code”

On Blog Redesign Ponderings

Over the past week and a half I’ve been working on coding a new WordPress theme. I mentioned, within the past month, that I’ve felt an “itch to code.” I last changed my blog’s theme the first week of August, 2010; I haven’t typically run with a consistent “look” for that length of time. That’sContinue reading “On Blog Redesign Ponderings”

On Allyn’s Adventures With Unicorns

It all began last year, on April Fool’s Day. As a longtime WordPress user, I frequently visit Planet WordPress, an aggregation blog of a number of top WordPress-specific blogs. And on April Fool’s Day, there was a post from the Gravatar blog on a new gravatar algorithm — Unicorns. A gravatar, for those unfamiliar withContinue reading “On Allyn’s Adventures With Unicorns”

On WordPress Upgrades and Errors

As much as I love and use WordPress, it can occasionally be a major pain in the ass. Like whenever upgrade time rolls around. There’s a certain amount of crossing fingers and praying when I upload a new batch of files to the server. Is the theme going to break? Is a plugin going toContinue reading “On WordPress Upgrades and Errors”

On Turning WordPress Posts Into Pages

I’ve been using WordPress for over six years. When I began using WordPress, with version 1.2, it was a blogging platform and nothing more. With version 1.5 WordPress added a new wrinkle; it could still be used for blogging and creating blog posts, but it could also be used as a CMS-lite, with static pagesContinue reading “On Turning WordPress Posts Into Pages”

On WordPress Plug-Ins and WordPress.Com Tags

On occasion, I can be a stat fiend. I used to write analyses each month of what people were looking for on my website, but eventually I lost interest. Not in looking at the stats — the information was interesting to me — but in sharing it with others — I’m not sure that itContinue reading “On WordPress Plug-Ins and WordPress.Com Tags”