On the Latest Review

Brendan Moody today posted a lengthy review of Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership, the Doctor Who anthology my story, “The Spindle of Necessity,” was published in last spring. Said Brendan of the anthology: “The Quality of Leadership aptly demonstrates the many forms a leader can take, but its biggest success is in assembling aContinue reading “On the Latest Review”

On the End of Short Trips

Two and a half years ago, Keith DeCandido sent me an e-mail — “How would you like to write a Doctor Who story for me? I’m putting together a Short Trips anthology, and you’re on my list of writers.” No, that’s not the actual text of Keith’s e-mail, but it’s a pretty good flavor. ShortContinue reading “On the End of Short Trips”

On Research Avenues

Sometimes research will lead one down strange alleys. I spent the afternoon doing some research into the Aristotlean and Ptolemaic conceptions of the geocentric universe. In so doing I discovered an unusual belief held by ancient Mesopotamian and Greek cultures (and written about by Plato in the Epinomis), that Saturn was a star like theContinue reading “On Research Avenues”

On Plato

Lately, I’ve been reading Plato. I haven’t thought about Plato since college. Ten, fifteen years. Reading Plato. I’ve read the Critias, Plato’s incomplete account of Atlantis. I’ve read the Apology, his account of Socrates’ trial. For good measure, I’ve also read Xenophon’s Apology, he take on the same event. I’ve read a little bit ofContinue reading “On Plato”