On Gran Turismo: HD

Here’s another reason to dislike Sony and their PlayStation 3 plans: Gran Turismo: HD will cost players an arm and a leg to play. The current rage in online gaming is microtransactions. Because consoles–like the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3–have hard drives and online capabilities, users can purchase content for their games and downloadContinue reading “On Gran Turismo: HD”

On a European PlayStation 3 Delay

Sony had intended for the PlayStation 3 to launch simultaneously on three continents in November. They have now scrapped those plans. The European launch of the PS3 has been pushed back to the spring of 2007. According to The Register, “The revision of the launch date is caused by the delay in the mass productionContinue reading “On a European PlayStation 3 Delay”

On PlayStation 3 Shortages

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but Sony’s PlayStation 3 will be in tight supply after its launch on November 17th. Why? Because Sony has yet to manufacture a single unit for consumer purchase. According to an article posted at the Register: Speaking to US website Gamespot, Sony Computer Entertainment America president KazContinue reading “On PlayStation 3 Shortages”

On Used PlayStation 3 Games

It’s been rumored for a while that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 console won’t be able to play previously played or rented games–that once a user activated a game on his console it wouldn’t work on another. No lending a game to a friend, no taking a game to a friend’s house, no reselling a gameContinue reading “On Used PlayStation 3 Games”

On the PlayStation 3 Launch

For a few months now at the store we'll get a few–sometimes one or two, sometimes ten or more–phone calls a day from customers wanting to know when we'll start taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 3. My best guess for the longest time was that, at some point in the immediate aftermath of the E3Continue reading “On the PlayStation 3 Launch”

On the PlayStation 3's Cost

After months of speculation a Sony official has let slip the planned retail price of the PlayStation 3 console, coming worldwide this November. It’s not a complete answer, as it’s the cost for one territory–Europe. The projected PS3 retail price? €499-599. Depending on other factors–the weak dollar as compared to the Euro, the historically higherContinue reading “On the PlayStation 3's Cost”

On a PlayStation 2 Problem

I have a slim-line PlayStation 2. The original model of the PlayStation 2, released in 2000, was supplanted with a newer, smaller, slimmer model in the fall of 2004, and I traded my old, clunky, big system in toward the small system when it released. Now, Sony has issued a recall on the slim PS2Continue reading “On a PlayStation 2 Problem”

On the PlayStation3's Cost

Sony let the cat out of the bag today, revealing projected production and retail costs of their next video game console, the PlayStation3: nearly five hundred dollars to make, sold at four hundred dollars for a loss. This I like: This puts Microsoft in a very good position. It has a console of comparable abilityContinue reading “On the PlayStation3's Cost”