On Allyn’s Adventures With Unicorns

It all began last year, on April Fool’s Day. As a longtime WordPress user, I frequently visit Planet WordPress, an aggregation blog of a number of top WordPress-specific blogs. And on April Fool’s Day, there was a post from the Gravatar blog on a new gravatar algorithm — Unicorns. A gravatar, for those unfamiliar withContinue reading “On Allyn’s Adventures With Unicorns”

On WordPress Plug-Ins and WordPress.Com Tags

On occasion, I can be a stat fiend. I used to write analyses each month of what people were looking for on my website, but eventually I lost interest. Not in looking at the stats — the information was interesting to me — but in sharing it with others — I’m not sure that itContinue reading “On WordPress Plug-Ins and WordPress.Com Tags”