The Philosopher’s Arms

A few days ago I discovered a new BBC podcast, The Philosopher’s Arms. “Podcast” is, I should say, a misnomer. The Philosopher’s Arms is a BBC Radio 4 series, just finished with its third run of episodes, that the BBC has made available as a podcast download. And just what is The Philosopher’s Arms? ThisContinue reading “The Philosopher’s Arms”

On Rewriting a Podcast Script

Three weeks ago I wrote the script for the introductory episode for the podcast I’m planning to launch later this spring. I made some revisions the next day — I realized I’d completely overlooked something crucial — printed it out a few days later… And then I let it sit, so I could come toContinue reading “On Rewriting a Podcast Script”

On Writing a Podcast Script

Today I wrote my first podcast script. I mentioned about two months ago that I was considering starting a podcast when I relaunch my website in the coming months. (By the way, there’s nothing wrong with my website that requires a relaunch, except that I have to move it to another server, so why notContinue reading “On Writing a Podcast Script”