On Writing, Morning and Noon and Night

I wish I could draw. I can't. Oh, I'm sure that I could, if only I would pick up a pencil, put it to paper, and practice day after day after day. Except that I don't think that, even with practice, that I would be able to etch out something that looked like anything. IContinue reading “On Writing, Morning and Noon and Night”

On a Month Until Farpoint

I realized today that we’re a month away from Farpoint. Farpoint is a science-fiction convention held north of Baltimore every February (right next to the building where I work, actually), usually right around Valentine’s Day. This year it falls the weekend after, beginning on February the 18th. I’ve been attending Farpoint since 2006, and thisContinue reading “On a Month Until Farpoint”

On Cat Pictures and Facebook Profiles

I don’t know who said it first, but I think it’s true — the Internet was made for cat photos. 🙂 Last week, Facebook upgraded my profile to the new profile page design. I’d heard wailing and gnashing of teeth from friends who upgraded their profile pages immediately after they were announced; I was contentContinue reading “On Cat Pictures and Facebook Profiles”

On This Week’s Scottish Musical Discovery

Every few months, I’ll discover a new and interesting band on Vic Galloway’s Scotland Introducing podcast for the BBC. While the main point of interest this week for me was two live tracks by The Seventeenth Century from Ally McCrae’s BBC Introducing in Scotland show, the podcast kicked off with a track from Aerials Up,Continue reading “On This Week’s Scottish Musical Discovery”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a fair few months since I did one of these comic book reviews… Thunderstrike #2 Marvel Comics Written by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz Art by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema Six months ago I wrote that Marvel Comics was bringing back Thunderstrike. A spin-off of Thor in the mid-90s, Thunderstrike was aboutContinue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On a Facebook Comment Worth Preserving

One of the problems with political discourse today is that those on the right and the left not only see the world differently but they talk about the world differently. Words have different meanings on the left and the right. A friend, one that has, in my view, gone unfortunately off the deep end intoContinue reading “On a Facebook Comment Worth Preserving”

More on Alex Kingston’s Appearance on Craig Ferguson’s Show

In case you missed Alex Kingston’s appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show last night, which I wrote about here, here’s the clip of her segment of the show: That whole “rabbits” thing that Kingston and Ferguson go on about? It refers to this. Hmm, those things look like the mutanted love child of a saguaro cactusContinue reading “More on Alex Kingston’s Appearance on Craig Ferguson’s Show”

On Alex Kingston’s Appearance On Craig Ferguson

In case you didn’t know, Alex Kingston of E.R. and Doctor Who will be appearing on the Craig Ferguson Show tonight. Over a year ago, I wrote that Kingston would be a fantastic guest for Ferguson’s show; he’s clearly a fan (watch the monologue from that link), and Kingston lived in Los Angeles. (I useContinue reading “On Alex Kingston’s Appearance On Craig Ferguson”

On a Winter Night’s Thoughts

Monday night when I left the office, about ten minutes to six, I stepped out of the office building’s glass doors into the early night and there, ahead of me in deep space, was Orion, his mighty belt running from just slightly above the horizon to perhaps a fifth of the way to zenith. TheContinue reading “On a Winter Night’s Thoughts”