The Fourth Doctor and the Curator: What’s the Connection?

Earlier this week, Lance Parkin and Lars Pearson’s Unhistory, a chronology of the apocryphal (and sometimes impossible) Doctor Who stories, was released as an ebook. Like the previous Ahistory (a chronology of the “real” Doctor Who), Unhistory has essays on various topics that deserve greater exploration and insight. Notably, Unhistory has an essay titled “OldContinue reading “The Fourth Doctor and the Curator: What’s the Connection?”

On Stratfordians, Oxfordians, and “The Brain of Morbius”

A few months ago, I picked up off a clearance table at a bookstore Manga Shakespeare: The Tempest. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a manga-styled adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s plays, the comedy “The Tempest.” It’s a late play, written somewhere around 1608 or 1610 if memory serves, based in part on a real-lifeContinue reading “On Stratfordians, Oxfordians, and “The Brain of Morbius””

On Losing Geek Cred

I should turn in my Doctor Who Geek Card. I’d forgotten that Graeme Harper was one of the pre-Hartnell Doctors in “Brain of Morbius.” Camfield, Philip Hinchcliffe, Robert Holmes–those are the easy ones. But Harper? I’m not worthy of being a Doctor Who Geek if I can forget that Graeme Harper was a cameo Doctor.Continue reading “On Losing Geek Cred”