On First-of-the-Month Hits

From the creative mind of Keith DeCandido, “Tell what the first post of every month of the 2007 calendar year was.” Okie-day! January: On Incompetant Blundering — An after-action report of an Age of Empires III game. February: On Invitations — I was invited to a blogger conference. March: On the New Mission — IContinue reading “On First-of-the-Month Hits”

On Presidential Primary Madness

The Presidential Primary/Caucus process is broken. Florida moved their primary in January, and the Democratic National Committee said, basically, “Get the fuck back in line, or we’ll take your delegates — and your voice in picking the next presidential candidate — away from you.” Now Michigan is moving their primary into mid-January. Which means thatContinue reading “On Presidential Primary Madness”