The Semi-Colon Is Never Not Stylish

About a year ago I had to edit some copy a colleague had written for the catalog. It was a thoughtful, well-written piece, and it also happened to run over five hundred words, which was about two and a half times the number of words that would fit into the space we had on theContinue reading “The Semi-Colon Is Never Not Stylish”

On Non-Standard Punctuation

In my quest for new and ever-more-interesting ways to communicate, I have discovered non-standard punctuation. We all know periods and commas. I am particularly fond of the semi-colon, and I make fair use of dashes. (Dashes are the “house style” at work. I am not, actually, a fan of the dash. I find it… sloppy.)Continue reading “On Non-Standard Punctuation”

On Spelling and Punctuation

I have a little problem. My font of English has been permanently defiled. (That’s a Sherlock Holmes reference, for people unfamiliar with the quote. Comes from “His Last Bow.”) My sense of spelling and punctuation was ruined at a very young age thanks to Tolkien, Lewis, and Doyle. I was reading books punctuated in theContinue reading “On Spelling and Punctuation”