Exploring Cemeteries in Edgecombe County

In 2012, I took a vacation. A brief one, just two days. I went to New York City to see the Lewis Chessmen. (Due to some poor planning on my part, I did not see them then; I had to go back over the weekend. Story of my life.) That was, sadly, my last vacationContinue reading “Exploring Cemeteries in Edgecombe County”

Looking Back Ten Years

Ten years ago today, an adventure (of sorts) began. My grandmother and I took a trip from Baltimore to Raleigh. I’ve never really spoken about that trip as I’ve found it an uncomfortable — and somewhat painful — subject. My grandmother, as some know, suffered from dementia in her final years. At the time ofContinue reading “Looking Back Ten Years”

On the Christmas Holiday, Snowfall, Doctor Who, and the Like

Early last week, I was invited to spend Christmas with my sister, brother-in-law, and two-year-old niece in Raleigh. I was sorely tempted, weighed the possibilities in my mind, and decided that, yes, I would go to Raleigh for the holiday. And then, I noticed the weather forecast. 50% chance of no snowfall at all ChristmasContinue reading “On the Christmas Holiday, Snowfall, Doctor Who, and the Like”

On Being Behind the Curve

At times I feel out of place in Raleigh. Why, you might ask? Because I just don’t sodding care about college basketball, that’s why. There are three top-notch college basketball programs right here, within a twenty minute’s drive, if I cared, and yet, I don’t. College basketball does nothing for me, sorry. Indeed, I didn’tContinue reading “On Being Behind the Curve”

Emergency Road Trip II

In an hour my grandmother and I are leaving Raleigh, heading back north to Baltimore. The plan seems to be this–drive to Rocky Mount, pay a visit to Gertrude at the hospital, stay a half an hour tops, then up I-95 to Baltimore. Leave at ten, should arrive in Baltimore somewhere in the vicinity ofContinue reading “Emergency Road Trip II”