On Entering the Dark Side

It’s fair to say that I’m something of a political junkie. Lately I’ve been following conservative blogs. Like Red State, which is essentially the Republican equivalent of DailyKos. Why? you ask. I know what I think about the Republican presidential candidates — Romney’s liberal past will come back to bite him in the ass, Huckabee’sContinue reading “On Entering the Dark Side”

On First-of-the-Month Hits

From the creative mind of Keith DeCandido, “Tell what the first post of every month of the 2007 calendar year was.” Okie-day! January: On Incompetant Blundering — An after-action report of an Age of Empires III game. February: On Invitations — I was invited to a blogger conference. March: On the New Mission — IContinue reading “On First-of-the-Month Hits”

On the Coming Crack-Up

Here’s an interesting little story. The “Religious Right” isn’t happy with the Republican Party. The GOP doesn’t value their interests. The GOP isn’t fighting for what they want. And they really don’t like Rudy Guiliani. What does all this mean? There’s the obvious fear, on the part of the Republicans, that the religious voting blocContinue reading “On the Coming Crack-Up”

On Ending the Party

It surprises people who know my political leanings that I have a necktie that proudly celebrates the history of the Republican Party. The print is a collection of campaign buttons, stretching from the 1880s through “I Like Ike.” I wear the tie often, perhaps twice a month. I like to wear it. The surprise comesContinue reading “On Ending the Party”

On Why Republicans Can't Criticize the President, Either

Jane Smiley, the novelist, wrote an article at The Huffington Post on the recent Republican criticism of and distancing from the President. Her thesis? Democratic opponents of President Bush and his policies have been arguing for years that the President’s policies are misguided and flawed all to no avail. But several Republican commentators and theoristsContinue reading “On Why Republicans Can't Criticize the President, Either”