The World Famous Time Traveler

Going through some files recently, I came across something that I wrote, showed a few people for feedback, and then filed away. Several years back, BOOM! Studios, a comic book publisher, began publishing original Peanuts comic book stories. While Charles Schulz’s comic strip has been left alone (except for coloring the dailies), there have beenContinue reading “The World Famous Time Traveler”

On Peanuts Christmas Music and Specials

My mom loves Christmas, and she always has. She puts up four or five Christmas trees each year, and each tree has a theme. There’s a Santa Claus tree, a Candy Cane tree, a fruit tree, a tinsel tree, and a couple of other themes besides. She also watches the Hallmark Movie Channel frequently, andContinue reading “On Peanuts Christmas Music and Specials”

On Peanuts Coffee Mugs and Rerun

I went to Big Lots today, not because I needed anything but because it was a lovely afternoon and I wanted to get out of the house and go for a drive. So across the reservoir I drove, and to Big Lots I went. I found myself looking at coffee pots. I had a veryContinue reading “On Peanuts Coffee Mugs and Rerun”

On Peanuts and Sudoku Puzzles

I like Sudoku puzzles. I love Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. And, curiously, there is a book that combines them both — the Peanuts Sudoku Comic Digest. I say “curiously,” because there’s nothing intrinsic in Peanuts that lends itself to Sudoku. Schulz had passed away before the Sudoku craze became a craze, and there are no PeanutsContinue reading “On Peanuts and Sudoku Puzzles”

On Charlie Brown Nerdiness

I stopped at the post office this evening to mail a last few Christmas cards and buy some everyday stamps. (For those playing at home, I bought a sheet of the DC Heroes stamps–you have no idea what the Supergirl stamp did for the not-girlfriend’s self-esteem.) And on the counter they had a display ofContinue reading “On Charlie Brown Nerdiness”