Link Round-Up: December 29

A couple of things that caught my attention today. Dear Steven Moffat: The Husbands of River Song – At work yesterday, a coworker asked me what I thought of the Doctor Who Christmas special. I found myself struggling for words. The ending worked for me, even though I recognized how emotionally manipulative it was. TheContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 29”

Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs

After last night’s Doctor Who, the clamor for a spin-off series starring Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax the Sontaran has resumed. We met these characters in the sixth season in “A Good Man Goes to War.” Vastra is a Silurian who was awoken from her aeons-long slumber in Victorian London and set herself up aContinue reading “Madame Vastra and Doctor Who Spin-Offs”

More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking

A couple of weeks ago, I mused on potential Doctor Who spin-offs. I’m not the only one. SyFy’s Blastr website yesterday posted an article on the five modern Who characters who deserve spin-off series: River Song Liz X Canton Everett Delaware III Sally Sparrow Martha Jones Let’s set aside the fact that the last twoContinue reading “More on Doctor Who Spin-Off Thinking”

On “Day of the Moon” and the Doctor’s Plan

When last we saw the Doctor, Amy, and Rory on Doctor Who, they were in a creepy warehouse in Florida. Their erstwhile FBI ally, Canton Everett Delaware III, had been conked unconscious by persons unknown. River Song was exploring the catacombs underneath the warehouse with Rory where they found what appeared to be a proto-TARDISContinue reading “On “Day of the Moon” and the Doctor’s Plan”

On Doctor Who Season Opener Speculations

On Friday, the BBC released another trailer for the sixth season of Doctor Who, this one specifically for the season opener, “The Impossible Astronaut.” That emotive piece of background music, by the way, is “Tristan” by Two Steps from Hell. Another quick observation before I do a speculation/spoiler jump. I am not sold on StuartContinue reading “On Doctor Who Season Opener Speculations”

On Alex Kingston’s Appearance On Craig Ferguson

In case you didn’t know, Alex Kingston of E.R. and Doctor Who will be appearing on the Craig Ferguson Show tonight. Over a year ago, I wrote that Kingston would be a fantastic guest for Ferguson’s show; he’s clearly a fan (watch the monologue from that link), and Kingston lived in Los Angeles. (I useContinue reading “On Alex Kingston’s Appearance On Craig Ferguson”