On “The Death of the Doctor”

In spite of my love for Lis Sladen, I don’t normally watch The Sarah Jane Adventures. I watched the first season and enjoyed it, mostly, but there were other things to do with my time and, to be honest, getting ahold of the episodes always seemed like more trouble than benefit. But I made anContinue reading “On “The Death of the Doctor””

On Doctor Who, Narrative, and Theories

Doctor Who inspires theories. I’ve had some interesting ones over the years, from what Jack Harkness might actually be (more interesting than the Face of Boe, let me tell you), to how Donna Noble was actually the TARDIS, to reset buttons, to a switcheroo in lieu of regeneration. Absolutely sensible, absolutely logical, and… Absolutely wrong.Continue reading “On Doctor Who, Narrative, and Theories”

On “The Waters of Mars”

So I’ve watched last night’s Doctor Who, “The Waters of Mars.” It’s slickly made. The effects work was especially nice. Graeme Harper acquitted himself well behind the camera. I loved the mention of the Ice Warriors. I thought it was incredibly boring. The plot is rather linear. The Doctor arrives at Bowie Base One onContinue reading “On “The Waters of Mars””