Scott Simon’s My Cubs

The night the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, I knew, then and there, that there was only one book on the Chicago Cubs and the 2016 season that I wanted to read — David Ross’s. One hadn’t been been announced yet, but it was inevitable, just as it was inevitable that there would beContinue reading “Scott Simon’s My Cubs”

Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship

After writing some words on the death of author Frank Delaney this morning, I was curious — I remembered his voice appearing on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday from time to time, so how many times did he appear? I turned to Google. The answer is six times. Stories by the Fire: Frank Delaney’s ‘Ireland’ –Continue reading “Frank Delaney and Scott Simon: Their Epic Radio Friendship”

On Scott Simon’s Upcoming Talk In Baltimore

My Saturday mornings are regimented. I get up. I fix a cup of coffee. I read the newspapers online. I listen to Scott Simon and Weekend Edition Saturday. (As an aside, a fun story on today’s broadcast was on the dueling atheist-Catholic billboards at the Lincoln Tunnel. Wonder American Atheists powers, activate!) There’s something aboutContinue reading “On Scott Simon’s Upcoming Talk In Baltimore”

On This Week’s Subway Reading

As long-time Allyn-ologists know, I have a Saturday routine. I get up, I drink coffee, I put on NPR so I can listen to Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. I love listening to Scott Simon. His voice has the most incredible cadence I have ever heard, and with every word he enunciates, you feel itContinue reading “On This Week’s Subway Reading”

On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts

I like to listen to Weekend Edition Saturday. It’s Scott Simon. I love his voice. It’s deep. Sometimes it’s dramatic. Sometimes it’s excitable. Sometimes it’s mirthful. He uses his voice the way a violinist plays his instrument. He gets exactly the right pitch and timbre for the story he’s telling, the news he’s relating. He’sContinue reading “On Scott Simon and the Boy Scouts”