On the Questions People Ask

In the next day or two, I’ll put up a complete breakdown of August’s webstats for allyngibson.net, but in the interim, I thought I’d point out a couple of interesting things I’ve seen come through from Google in the past week or two of search phrases people are using. alan moore star trek. I don’tContinue reading “On the Questions People Ask”

On the Greatest Search Phrase Ever

Yesterday, someone in Bournemouth, England, went to Google and typed in the following: appalled by indiana jones, george lucas and the fiver i wasted last night Which brought him — I presume it’s a him — to my internet doorstep. “Fiver.” I like that word. 🙂 No real content. Just the word “fiver.” And also,Continue reading “On the Greatest Search Phrase Ever”

On What People Want to Know

Someone, somewhere, thinks I’m an expert on something. Oh, maybe not the things that I consider myself an expert on. But that’s the joy of the internet — everyone’s anonymous, and everyone’s an expert about something. So what do people think I know about? That’s where stat tracking comes in. WordPress has a nice plug-inContinue reading “On What People Want to Know”

On Recent GameStop Searches

A few days ago it was “pitchers.” Now, it’s GameStop and EB Games that are clogging up the search engines on the readers’ way to here. Sadly, no fun searches. Nothing humorous like “pitchers of David Tennant.” No, these are generally serious questions. People trying to figure out something, perhaps to understand something. “GameStop Trade-InContinue reading “On Recent GameStop Searches”

On Idiots Lose on the ‘Net

Our tale begins with Google, as many such tales do. It began with someone, perhaps much like yourself, in search of information about strange and unique subjects. Was it curiosity that motivated the intrepid searcher? Was it the need to complete an assignment for school? We cannot question the motives; we lack the capacity toContinue reading “On Idiots Lose on the ‘Net”

On Movie Sequel Musings

Yesterday some reader out there punched four words into Google, and to this website she — or possibly he — came. What information might that nameless reader have wanted to know about? “Across the Universe sequel.” I mostly enjoyed Across the Universe. I picked up the two-disc soundtrack, and I’m looking forward to the DVDContinue reading “On Movie Sequel Musings”

On the Month-End Round-Up

Things I’ve discovered. I have a lot of readers in Indiana. This surprises me, as I’ve only ever driven through Indiana, yet I have more regular readers in Indiana than I do in, say, Utah. Other popular tourist destinations for allyngibson.net are Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Norway. Also, China and Saudi Arabia. No, thisContinue reading “On the Month-End Round-Up”

On a Recent Search Phrase Round-Up

I must be some sort of pop-culture maven. Thanks to the Google-Fu of readers everywhere, people want my insights into why Boston Legal‘s cast is different this year, or they want to know who’s on Captain Jack’s Torchwood 3 team. Answer to the first — the David E. Kelley cast revolving door. Get used toContinue reading “On a Recent Search Phrase Round-Up”