On the Feast Day of St. Cedd

Today, the seventh of January, is celebrated in the Catholic Church as the feast day of Saint Cedd, who was built a number of monasteries and spread the Christian faith throughout Mercia and Essex in the seventh century. (Curiously, Cedd’s feast day is also celebrated on October 26th.) Cedd, of course, is the namesake forContinue reading “On the Feast Day of St. Cedd”

On Shada

Road trip. Friday. Me and my dad, on the way to Baltimore. It’s a long trip from Raleigh to Baltimore. Six hours, under the best of conditions. The roads, at least from Raleigh to Richmond — half-way there — are desolate stretches of the American landscape. Boredom inducing. I took two Doctor Who audios forContinue reading “On Shada”