Boldly Going Where No Word Salad Has Gone Before

Like everyone, I receive “word salad” spam. By “word salad,” I mean spam that uses words and phrases from other sources that go together and make sense to try and get past a Bayesian filter. I’ve just received a Star Trek word salad spam. This is a first. The subject line, as it arrived: PicardContinue reading “Boldly Going Where No Word Salad Has Gone Before”

On the Joys of Comment Spammery

The worst part about keeping a blog is the comment spam. Spam is a fact of life online. Junk e-mail is a bane of existence. But the worst thing of all is comment spam. Comment spam works like this. Someone posts a comment in your blog advertising something. It could be a weight loss program.Continue reading “On the Joys of Comment Spammery”