Paramount announced recently “Regeneration,” a late-season Enterprise episode in which Earth scientists discover wreckage of a Borg sphere buried under a glacier in the Arctic. Borg drones are found aboard, they reactivate, and much wackiness ensues, ultimately drawing Jonathan Archer and his crew into the fray. The reaction of fans on bulletin boards and UsenetContinue reading “Regeneration”

An Off-Base Criticism

Over on Trekweb, O Deus wrote in his review of “A Night in Sickbay”— “Sickbay” manages to achieve much of the [“Spock’s Brain”] effect with a bizarre episode that has Archer’s emotional dependence on his dog move well into the creepy range while displaying some of the more unprofessional behavior of his career (and consideringContinue reading “An Off-Base Criticism”

On the Enterprise Premiere and Unanswered Questions

Watching Enterprise‘s premiere “Broken Bow” I kept asking myself, “Why do the Vulcans want humanity bottled up? Why do the Vulcans think humanity should keep to their own solar system?” Then in an Instant Messenger chat last evening with several friends, all Trek fans of varying ages and degrees, the same question came up severalContinue reading “On the Enterprise Premiere and Unanswered Questions”

On Star Trek Series 5 Rumors

There is a rumor that the next Star Trek series will be about the 29th century timefleet. This rumor hasn’t gotten much airplay at all, but it’s out there, and some sources suggest that the “Birth of the Federation” rumor exists as disinformation to cover the timefleet scenario. My one complaint with the timefleet scenarioContinue reading “On Star Trek Series 5 Rumors”

On Star Trek, Series V

TrekToday has some interesting details on the next Star Trek series, in particular who the characters will be. Is it for real? I’ve talked with some friends of mine about the TrekToday article. All agree that it’s bogus for a couple of reasons. The names are a little in-jokey. A real casting bulletin wouldn’t goContinue reading “On Star Trek, Series V”